Save time and work more efficiently with WP Robot by controling your network of automatic weblogs from a central place – the WP Robot Control Center!

The WP Robot Control Center makes it a breeze to manage and adminster a large number of WP Robot autoblogs: You can easily move your custom templates to any or all of your other weblogs, instantly apply new settings to your whole autoblog network, create new campaigns on as many sites as you want and even automatically update WP Robot on all your blogs. Besides that the Control Center also has all the controls and reporting features of the original: Check the logs and campaign status and bulk create or backdate new posts with easy without the need to log into dozens of WordPress blogs!

Even better: Using the Control Center is extremely easy because the looks and feel of the software mimic the admin section of the WP Robot plugin exactly, so if you are used to that you will feel at home immediatelly. Thanks to the new sitelist element in the Control Center applying changes to a large number of websites is as easy as selecting them (individually or as a group) from the list and clicking “Go”!

Finally, the Control Center can not only remotely control WP Robot. Instead a WordPress Control Center to remotely adminster the most important core WordPress features on all your sites is included as well: Review new posts, check and approve or delete new comments or change your settings on all your websites at once! The Control Center will eliminate your need to log into different WordPress blogs contstantly in order to see what is going on.

WP Robot Control Center Intro Video

WP Robot Control Center Features

  • New! Improved Security: Wary of sharing your WordPress password with anyone? Good! Because with the WP Robot Control Center you don’t have to! You can simply use the new unique WP Robot PW Code to have your weblogs communicate with the Control Center without the need to tell us your passwords and thus without any risk!

  • Apply any changes you would want to make in WP Robot to any number of different websites at once with the click of a single button! For example…

    • Copy your custom post or module templates from one site to many other weblogs.
    • Create new campaigns on many weblogs at once.
    • Apply all your customized options on the WP Robot “Options” page to other websites.
    • Load and edit settings or other details from any of your weblogs remotely.
    • Quickly set up new websites by copying all options and templates from one your existing blogs over there through the Control Center.
    • Update WP Robot to the latest version on all your websites instantly.
    • Bulk Campaign Editing: Edit the templates or optional settings of any number of campaigns on different websites at the same time, without changing the keywords or other specific information of each campaign. Very useful to sync your templates or settings between a large blog network with different niches!
  • Remotely control WordPress: WP Robot Control Center can also manage the most important parts of WordPress itself on all your sites, including….

    • Quickly write new posts and publish them on any number of your own websites at once. Even better: You can also have your content automatically rewritten through the API (sold separately) for each site in order to create many pieces of unique content out of a single article or text!
    • Review new posts and delete them if necessary.
    • New! Manage Plugins and Themes remotely: Activate or deactivate plugins and themes on any of your weblogs quickly and easily. Update all your plugins to the latest version without tedious version checking and logging into each blog. You can even install new plugins or themes on all your websites at the same time!
    • Check new comments on all your sites and approve them, delete them or mark them as spam.
    • Change any WordPress settings and apply changes to any number of your websites – especially useful when setting up a new blog:  Simply import the settings of your existing sites!
  • Template Sets: Save complete sets of your custom post or module templates in the WP Robot Control Center to quickly load them later and use them in your autoposting campaigns!

    • New! Template Directory: Share your template sets with other WP Robot users and browse the directory of templates for new ideas to use on your autoblogs and to easily import them into your own websites!
  • Free Bonus Modules: Just by signing up for the free WP Robot Control Center trial you will get three brand new powerful modules for the WP Robot plugin added to your account as a bonus! That means even more autoblogging power! The new modules are:

    • Linkshare Module – Create targeted posts on your blogs for any product on Linkshare is a huge affiliate network containing thousands of products by well known brands!
    • Eventful Module – Post related events to your sites from the huge database of, including concerts, musicals, festivals, city events and much more!
    • iTunes Module – Access the full content of the successful Apple iTunes store and post apps, music or videos to your weblogs on autopilot.

All in all the Control Center is a great tool that can help you make the most of your WP Robot plugin. It is especially helpful to webmasters who own or plan to build a larger network of autoblogs. With the hughe amount of time you can save by using the Control Center you can build new autoblogs much faster – and thus earn more money in the end!

Still not convinced? Then why not simply try it for yourself?

With the free 7 day trial you can try the WP Robot Control Center without any risk or cost involved!

Even better: When signing up for the free trial you get three bonus modules (the Linkshare, Eventful and iTunes modules) added to your WP Robot plugin account for free and can keep them forever!

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